About Me

hay guys ... My name mafuat. I am from Indonesia. I built this site purely as a hobby I like to eat, other than that I also want to introduce Indonesian traditional foods to the world. Because I believe this Indonesian delicacies can be accepted by the world community. 
Because Indonesia is a country of a thousand kinds of traditional food.

Indofoodrecipes.blogspot  carries the diversity of Indonesian culinary from Sabang to Merauke, from West to East Indonesia with Indonesia’s indigenous techniques and ingredients as well as the influence of Chinese, Indian, Middle East, Spanish, Portuguese before the Dutch came to colonize most of the archipelago.

The site quickly got an identity of its own and now takes up a lot of my spare time but I really appreciate the feedback I get from my visitors and have made many friends through it. 

Hopefully the information in this website can help the readers to be able to make and delicious typical food Indonesian Merakan

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