Thursday, 12 March 2015

How To Make Chili Grind(sambal Oelek)

 Also know as Sambal Oelek, is the most basic of sambals.
Although many variaties of red chilli peppers can be used, I would suggest you try and find the longer and milder pepper know as Lomboks.
As usual, when working with chillies, make sure that you don’t touch your eyes or any other sensitive part of your body, best to wear rubber gloves when doing the chopping. Clean all your equipment afterwards.


  • 20 red Chillies or Lomboks (approx. 6 – 9 cm. long)
  • 2 teaspoons Salt


Wash Chillies and chop. Mix with salt and rub into a coarse paste in mortar or in blender. Put into sterilised jar.
This sambal is perfect by your meal or for cooking and as a base for other sambals. Can be kept in fridge for up to 1 month.


As Sambal is such a commonly used ingredient in the Indonesian kitchen and can be used to replace fresh chillies in most recipes, it’s always nice to have some on standby.
I would therefore suggest that you try and find it ready made in the shops. It is sold as Sambal Ulek, or more common in the west, as Sambal Oelek, by a variety of producers. It can also be found as plain “chilli paste”, but make sure it includes the seeds. Commercially produced sambal is made in a Sterile environment and uses some preservetive, so will last for a long time.


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